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Graeme Metz at Premier Models photographed by Cecilie Harris for Boys by Girls “The Truth About Boys” Issue 6. Graeme wears T-Shirt by American Apparel and Underwear by Calvin Klein. Styled by Karen Munnis. 
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i am in love, i just wish it was with myself
MOTI museum Breda, Holland

this is sad
Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.
written by Yasmin Mogahed

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Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
written by Mark Twain

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Intimacy is not who you let touch your genitalia. Intimacy is who you text at 3am about your dreams and fears. Intimacy is giving someone your attention, when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.
written by

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Ana Casas Broda from the series Kinderwunsch.
You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.
written by Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential 

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going for vacation in the US so won’t really be blogging properly for the next 3 weeks or so!

not that anyone really cares but yeah :’) BYE TUMBLR 

One day you fall for this boy. And he touches you with his fingers. And he burns holes in your skin with his mouth. And it hurts when you look at him. And it hurts when you don’t. And it feels like someone’s cut you open with a jagged piece of glass.
written by Maureen Medved, The Tracey Fragments

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"Even then, as teenagers,
we tried to put the pieces together.
We still can't."-The Virgin Suicides (1999)